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  Our city is a new and developing city, and was builtat the beginning of 1980s. The infrastructure for water, gas, electricity and other energy in thisarea is complete and sufficient. From here one can travel to any place by sea, by air or by land.And there is a highway leading to the capital, Beijing. Besides there are many other advantagesfor the investors to work here. For example, the areas around this city are rich in naturalresources. The public order is very nice and so on. The most impor ant. thing is that thegovernment of this city supports foreign investors in many respects. In a sentence, this city isfilled with enthusiasm and vigor. It is a good place for investors.



  In recent years, with the fact that industry and commerce's swiftness and violence develops,in the city, trees's quantity reduces greatly. Has already, people made various make great efforts to prevent trees from being felled, but has also ought to know the significance to planting trees in and around the city. Plant trees in and around the city bringing about much benefit: Purify air , beautify a city , provide wood. Appeal for people: Know the urban

  afforestation contribution to the urban environment , plant trees and protect them from being infringed upon by commerce


  绿化城市带来很多好处:净化空气,美化城市,提供木材。 呼吁人们:认识城市绿化对城市环境的贡献,栽植树木并保护他们不受商业侵犯。

  Naning is becoming an international city .But in recent years,.People call Naning Green City But there are a lot of people dropping the litter on the ground everywhere,Putting up the ads everywhere,too. As a teenager,we should keep our envionment clean .We can help clean up the streets and plant the trees.When you see the litter on the ground,you should pick up the litter and so on .

  I believe our city will be more beautiful.



  My favourite city is Seoul.Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is located on the Han River in the country's northwest. The city is situated about 50 km (~30 mi) south of the North Korean border, also known as the de-militarized zone (DMZ). Seoul is a city with ancient history, the area of Seoul appears in history as early as 18 BCE, when the kingdom of Baekje founded its capital, Wiryeseong, in what is now southeastern Seoul. Modern Seoul descends from a city called Namgyeong, built during the Goryeo era, which then became the capital of the Joseon dynasty in 1394. Seoul has been the capital of successive Korean nations ever since.[2]Designated the status of a Special City, Seoul is administered directly by the national government.

  With over ten million people, Seoul is South Korea's largest city and one of the largest cities in the world by population. Covering an area of only 605 square kilometers, smaller than New York City or Tokyo, it is one of the world's most densely populated major cities.

  The Seoul National Capital Area, which includes the major port city of Incheon, has almost 23 million inhabitants making it the second most populous metropolitan area in the world, after Greater Tokyo. Almost half of South Korea's entire population lives in the Seoul National Capital Area, and nearly one quarter in Seoul itself, making it the country's political, cultural, and economic center, as well as a center for international business. The rapid economic, social and technological development of the city has played a key role in South Korea's development, and has been referred to as the "Miracle on the Han River".

  Seoul hosts more than three million registered vehicles and widespread traffic congestion is common. In recent years, the metropolitan government has undertaken extensive clean up of the city's air and water pollution. The revival of Cheonggyecheon, a stream that flows through Seoul city center, was a recent major urban beautification project.


  This is a busy city, originally with the milk of human kindness, but after years of science and technology of washing become indifferent, now the city is full of cheating, lies, for all their hidden danger of various.

  From traffic can be seen in the streets of sin; but don't have anyone to stop these things, just on the side look on coldly. That I used to know that warm, amiable city has disappeared, leaving only the crisis-ridden city.

  Stream through the people on the streets in the city during the day, no one stop to enjoy the park trees and flowers, insect songbirds call... These beautiful things, just remember to keep hastily walked forward, and face with a look of ruthless, no one with a smiling face; Is the neon glare at night, and looked up, didn't see any stars, only the overcast sky, The hustle and bustle and noise, in the middle of the night will calm down.

  In the lineup to the building, densely populated cities, there are some people in silently to try for the desire of all and pay, those steep profits, careful not to help the city back to once upon a time the appearance of simplicity, peace, but this phenomenon become very little, so now only slowly, bit by bit, the original appearance of the city.

  This is what I live in a city, it's going to change back to more colorful, more safe city.







  The dawn, and gradually began to illuminate the earth; All things are gradually recovered from unreal dream. When I open my dim eyes, saw the both prosperous city.

  Walked out of the house and the whole city was towering skyscrapers to hang over into the clouds, each room also has a concrete block; Don't know where to start, the hearts of the people like cement wall of the ruthless, indifference. The laughter of people in the city, and also completely submerged by the noisy sound of car.

  Went into the city center, streets, of course, also become more beautiful and prosperous. Each of the streets are full of the store, convenience store, or some shop. For rural residents, although there is a one of the world is like heaven; But for those people who live long city, the wealth here is illusory, because in addition to money, almost nothing there, the rest of the things only deception and lies.

  Returned home, the family at home waiting for me, kind regards, cooked food, let me feel warm. I think all of this, the likelihood is the only place where city can bring me warmth, also is one of the most valuable treasure.

  This is the place where accompany me twelve years. Although there are so many things need to be improved, but the land was a part of my life, there are traces of my memory and the past, there is my relatives and friends. Hope all is my lifetime won't forget.